Evidence of Red: Poems and Prose, Paperback

de: Leanne Howe


Publicat de: Salt Publishing

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Winner (2006) - Oklahoma Book Award - (Poetry)


    Author: Leanne Howe

Evidence of Redcontains dramatic events of the creation of a people, interwoven with a haunting narrative of their lost homelands. Howe takes her readers through the chaos of lost lives, the cannibalism of fallen lovers, and invites readers into her world of Choctaw Code Talking. These poems are rebellious and like the Choctaws, they will endure.

Anul 2012, 2005
Autor Leanne Howe
Categoria Native American
Cod de bare 9781844710621
Editura Salt Publishing
Dimensiuni 216 x 141
ISBN 1844710629
Limba Engleza
Pagini 112
Format Softcover, Brosata
Varsta recomandata 10-14 ani

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