DON ONE The First One - The Last One - The Only One: Saga of an Estrogen Addict and the Women He Managed to Debrief

de: Rene Moncada


Publicat de: Rene Iatba

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There is a philosophical explanation that says every idea becomes a reality unless it is modified by another idea. Some will say that friends don't need an explanation and that enemies won't believe it anyway. But I know that rumors have the tendency to fester and eventually become the last known morsel of veracity. This is why I consider that the best way for me to enjoy writing this book is if I let the reader know how to enjoy it as well. All these stories have one thing in common: the opportunity to make them happen was there and it did not happen or happened because we let it happen, or not happen. Since this is heavily sexual material, some might think that I am trying to impress by telling stories that are nothing more than the wishful thinking of a conceded Venezuelan with a big head and an over-active imagination to match. The best way to read this book is to avoid finding contradictory statements. Do not try to determine if what I am telling you is the truth or is it fantasy. The word confusion comes to my mind and it should not enter yours when reading this series of extraordinary fibs. Yes, fibs. The women involved in this journey would not appreciate it if I told what had been confided in me, so I have given them fictitious names and changed some of the circumstances where it took place and when it happened. This is so that no one except the persons involved and me knows who they are. They are the only ones who know that what I am writing here is not really the way it happened, where it took place or under what circumstances. People have different recollections of past experiences. This makes me confident to tell my stories as I remember them, without fear of betraying anyone. Enjoy this book as a compendium of fantastic stories that indeed happened. Don't try to find contradictions because the dates, places and names have been altered to prevent anyone from dissecting it and come upon conclusions that would spoil the enjoyment one might get from reading a fictitious novel. Just read it like you read your Bible. Abstain from asking how Mary convinced Joseph that the child she was carrying, although not his, was not the product of adultery. Let's call this compendium of stories RENE'S HOLEY BABBLE . If you look for the holes in it, you will find them, I know. I put them there.

Anul 2021
Autor Rene Moncada
Cod de bare 9781087914107
Editura Rene Iatba
Dimensiuni 228.6 x 152.4
ISBN 1087914108
Limba Engleza
Pagini 168
Format Brosata

RECENZII DON ONE The First One - The Last One - The Only One: Saga of an Estrogen Addict and the Women He Managed to Debrief de Rene Moncada

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