Design for Sustainability Survival Guide

de: Conny Bakker


Publicat de: Bis Publishers

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Design for Sustainability Survival Guide concerns all the details on applying sustainability requirements in design. It is a critical and concise overview of the important facts from all imaginable angles. The book is written and illustrated to inform, support and inspire future designers.The guide covers everything in sustainability: from personal reader experience to universal guiding principles, from energy use and the flow of materials to the role of time, consumption, use, circularity and reduction.It includes tips, principles and guidelines to nourish design projects from start to finish. New approaches beyond the conventional are introduced and current assumptions on economics, technology and design are pointed out throughout the book.
Autor Conny Bakker
Anul 2023
Dimensiuni l: 13.5cm | H: 19cm | 1.5cm | 314g
Editura Bis Publishers
ISBN 9789063696399
Limba Engleza
Pagini 160
Format Softcover

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