Brave Soul, Paperback

de: Kayil York


Publicat de: Jack Wild Publishing

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Best Selling writer Kayil York's newest book Brave Soul is dedicated to the ones who give everything they have to fight their way to live through the brutality and hardships of life. This book is a battle cry for the ones who are struggling to make it on their own difficult journeys, who need a powerful message to help them push through the parts of life that burn and change the way their hearts beat. This book is for the weak, the strong, the coping, the struggling, the tormented, the disturbed, the daring, the valorous, the growing, and the fighters. This is all for you.

Anul 2020
Autor Kayil York
Cod de bare 9780578712185
Editura Jack Wild Publishing
Dimensiuni 229.1 x 151.9
ISBN 0578712180
Limba Engleza
Pagini 262
Format Brosata

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