Art-Nouveau Prague: Forms of the Style, Paperback

de: Petr Wittlich


Publicat de: Karolinum Press, Charles University

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Since the collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1991, Prague has become one of Europe's--and the world's--most popular tourist destinations. As in London, Paris, and Rome, visitors flock to the gorgeous buildings and monuments that grace the streets of Prague, entranced by structures ranging from Gothic and baroque to cubist and neoclassical. And while hundreds of thousands stroll over the Charles Bridge and gaze up at the St. Vitus Cathedral each year, far fewer venture away from the crowds to seek out the countless gems of art nouveau peppered throughout Prague.

With Art-Nouveau Prague, Petr Wittlich--one of Europe's leading experts on nineteenth- and twentieth-century architecture--tours those monuments and buildings of Prague representative of the art nouveau movement and offers insightful commentary on each. Along the way, Wittlich visits such sites as the Municipal House, the Wilson Railway Station, the Grand Hotel Europa, and works by sculptors Frantisek Bílek, Ladislav Saloun, and Stanislav Sucharda.

An introductory essay by Wittlich emphasizing the role of art nouveau within contemporary currents of modern European art accompanies more than one hundred color illustrations of some of the most stunning examples of art nouveau architecture and decoration in existence, and a detailed bibliography provides additional reading for each of the sites displayed in the book. Art-Nouveau Prague is a must-have for those traveling to Prague for the first time or for anyone who appreciates or wants to learn more about art nouveau style.

About author(s):

Petr Wittlich is professor at the Institute of Art History at Charles University Prague.

Anul 2009
Autor Petr Wittlich
Cod de bare 9788024613468
Editura Karolinum Press, Charles University
Dimensiuni 255 x 208
ISBN 8024613468
Limba Engleza
Pagini 135
Format Brosata

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