Art Through the Ages in Afghanistan Volume Ii: A Study of Art and Architecture from Early Islamic Era to Present Time

de: Hamid Naweed


Publicat de: Authorhouse

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Hamid Naweed has received his M.F.A from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He was the professor of art history, color theory, studio arts, and art appreciation at the Fine Arts Department of Kabul University and is now an honorary member of the High Counsel of Arts, Center for Contemporary in Arts Afghanistan and Kabul University Faculty of Fine Arts. Hamid Naweed is also the Cultural Director of "Alliance for the Restoration of Cultural Heritage" (ARCH), based in Washington, DC. As a Fulbright scholar, he has conducted many research studies in the field of arts and humanities. Naweed is the author of the novel, The Music of The Reeds. He has also authored a number of scholarly essays on the art and culture of Afghanistan and the region and has given talks on the same topics at George Washington University, George Mason University, John Hopkins University, Columbia University and the Historical Society of Williamsburg. His script for the Movie "Loori" won "New York International Film Festival's Best Feature Film Prize in 2008. Hamid Naweed is also an accomplished artist who works in oil and acrylics. As a recognized poet of Dari, Naweed is an active member of the Afghan Poetic Society (Sham-i- Erfan). His lectures on art and literature have been widely aired by the Radio Voice of America Dari Service, Ariana Afghan TV Network, Zarin TV, and Radio Naqsh- Hai-e Jawidan, based in the Bay Area of California servicing the Afghan Community. Art through the Ages in Afghanistan, written in two volumes is a major work. It is the product of many years of research, including frequents visits to Kabul Museum and important archeological sites in Afghanistan, as well as visits to major museums in Europe and America housing important artifacts from Afghanistan. In completing his work Naweed has also made use of numerous interviews with Afghan and international scholars, local artist and local people living in the vicinity of historical sites. The second volume covering the art of Afghanistan from the advent of Islam through present time is expected to be published shortly after the publication of the first volume.
Anul 2013
Autor Hamid Naweed
Cod de bare 9781481723114
Editura Authorhouse
Dimensiuni 215.9 x 215.9
ISBN 1481723111
Limba Engleza
Pagini 348
Format Brosata

RECENZII Art Through the Ages in Afghanistan Volume Ii: A Study of Art and Architecture from Early Islamic Era to Present Time de Hamid Naweed

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