Ancient History: A Concise Overview of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome: Including the Egyptian Mythology, the Byzantine - Eric Brown

de: Eric Brown


Publicat de: Guy Saloniki

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Explore the History and Mythology of Egypt, Greece and Rome

** 3 Books In 1 - Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome **

Ancient Egypt:

Through exploring the ancient Egyptian ruins and tombs, we have been able to learn much about their way of life, views of the afterlife, religious beliefs, dynasties, invasions from foreign kingdoms, battle tactics, family, and more...

In this book you will find:

    How Egypt came to become the first empire The creation myth of Amun-Ra, Osiris, and Set A timeline of the entire reign of the Egyptian dynastic periods, from the Old Kingdom to Roman Egypt The Heliopolitan Ennead and its importance Details on some of the most important gods including Ra, Amun-Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Isis, and Sekhmet Details on the life of some of the most prominent kings including Menes, Cheops, Amenemhet I, Tuthmosis I and III, Akhenaten, Ramesses II and III, and Ptolemy I Soter The lives of some of the most important queens and how they gained power including Khentkawes I, Ahmose-Nefertari, Hatshepsut, Tiye, Nefertiti, and the famed Cleopatra VII How the pyramids and temples were built Busting the myth that the slaves built the pyramids One of the most prominent myths of the afterlife How the water levels of the Nile caused either prosperity or disaster The daily lives of Egyptians, how they farmed, their family dynamic, and hygiene And more...

Ancient Greece:

There are few things as fascinating and exciting as the world of Ancient Greece, and in the following book, you are going to learn everything you'll ever need to know about the history and socio-political makeup of the world of Ancient Greece. Where did Greek culture come from? When did it begin to taste shape? Where there any precursors to the Ancient Greeks?

Find the answers to all of these questions:

    Start your amazing journey into the world of Ancient Greece with a look at the rise of Greece in the Archaic era Follow Ancient Greece on its path to great power and prosperity and we move into the hugely important Classical era Find out how the world changed in massive ways, and Ancient Greece shifts along with the changing times of the Hellenistic era Learn all about the changing role of Ancient Greece as it takes its place in history under the rule of the Roman Empire And more...

Ancient Rome:

Few societies and historical periods capture our fascination as much as ancient Rome. With a founding steeped in legend, along with the rise and fall of a monarchy, a republic, and an empire filled with colorful, and often even bizarre, leaders and popular figures, it is no wonder that it has been the source of inspiration for a multitude of novels, movies, and television shows.

While this entertainment fare has had varying degrees of historical accuracy, a great deal of artistic license does not need to be taken to make the story of ancient Rome intriguing and scintillating. It was a society and a people rich with a drama that still captures our interest even today, more than 1500 years since the fall of the great Roman Empire.

In this book you are going to find out about:

    The founding and rise of the Roman Republic The era of an empire The Christianization of the empire and its impact The masterpiece of Rome How it becomes a melting pot of theism And more...

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Anul 2019
Autor Eric Brown
Categoria Egypt
Cod de bare 9781951404277
Editie Hardcover
Editura Guy Saloniki
Dimensiuni 229.1 x 151.9
ISBN 1951404270
Limba Engleza
Pagini 180
Format Hardcover, Cartonata

RECENZII Ancient History: A Concise Overview of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome: Including the Egyptian Mythology, the Byzantine - Eric Brown de Eric Brown

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