ALL THAT SOUND. Box Guitar Collector., Paperback

de: Only DC


Publicat de: Blurb

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Art, Design, and Sound. Posters Edition. 24 Box Instruments. Six String Box Guitars were mixed with other Box Musical Instruments, to make ALL THAT SOUND, like images join to words to create a book, just as the Art mixes with Design to produce Sound. Introducing new models of cigar box guitars and string instruments, we go further in exploring the original art of making musical instruments with recycled materials and objects; adding the finest woods traditionally used by famous luthiers, and the best cedar box models made by hand in Latin America. Extreme Craftsmanship with Artistic touch, unique Design, and own Sound. Unpublished images gallery, printed in posters format edition, for fans of crafts, design, and music. Enjoy with photos of box guitars, bow instruments, bass, ukulele, and more. Art is the target, Design is the tactic, Sound is the reward. Sacred Shout Strings Collection. Cigar Box Guitars and String Musical Instruments.
Anul 2021
Autor Only DC
Cod de bare 9789878691282
Editura Blurb
Dimensiuni 254 x 203.2
ISBN 9878691284
Limba Engleza
Pagini 36
Format Brosata

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