Aliya: Home. Hope. Reality., Paperback

de: Ariella Bernstein


Publicat de: Loeb Publishing

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Making Aliya? Let it be an uplifting experience for you. And your family. Making aliya is inspiring, but it is also tough on families left behind. It is the only book for olim and their families that navigates their new long distance relationship, offering a "reality check" of what really happens for olim and bridge the cultural divide between them and their families. If you are moving to Israel, or have family that is moving to Israel, this book is for you.

Anul 2021
Autor Ariella Bernstein
Cod de bare 9781736201817
Editura Loeb Publishing
Dimensiuni 215.9 x 139.7
ISBN 1736201816
Limba Engleza
Pagini 300
Format Brosata

RECENZII Aliya: Home. Hope. Reality., Paperback de Ariella Bernstein

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