A Forgery in Paris - Janice Nagourney

de: Janice Nagourney


Publicat de: Castle Bridge Media

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Nagourney takes her readers on a deep plunge into the dark underside of the Parisian and French high art milieu , casting unwelcome light on the low lives who play an outsized role in that milieu. Her fast-paced page turner, populated by multiple and ever-changing personalities, keeps us guessing not so much "who-dunnit" but "are they really going to get away with it?" -- Tom Peebles, TomsBooks

When an old school friend is mugged after taking photographs at a wealthy magazine publisher's chateau, a French-American translator teams up with a disgruntled FBI agent to infiltrate a violent organized crime operation in a tony landscape of villas and galleries, navigating a lethal atmosphere of art, money and murder.

When her school pal is mugged on the Paris metro, recently-returned translator Alex Thornhill becomes certain that powerful magazine publisher Jacques Mornnais is behind the attack. Alex adopts a false identity and joins Mornnais' company in his secluded villa, discovering an entire operation of stolen paintings and international art cons. She begins a tenuous relationship with disgruntled FBI agent Eugene Spector, who is working his own investigation of the forgers. Alex helps Eugene get closer to the forgery kingpin until they both find themselves in the crosshairs of Mornnais' international assassins.

Pulsing with an exquisite, authentic eye for the richly-textured world its characters inhabit, A Forgery in Paris is the first book in the series French Deception. It features compelling characters, surprising plot twists, and continental romance for its kick-ass female heroine. The following books continue Janice Nagourney's page-turning series with novels focusing on the growing romance between Alex and Eugene as they push into a web of organized crime in the art world in Lyon, Marseilles, and Toulouse.

About the Author

French Deception: A Forgery in Paris is the debut novel of Marseilles-based attorney Janice Nagourney, founder of consulting group and speaker's bureau Thought Leaders International. She has booked speakers for hundreds of events in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Janice graduated from Cornell University and NYU Law School, and completed pre-doctoral studies in international law at the University of Paris law school.

Anul 2023
Autor Janice Nagourney
Categoria Literary
Editura Castle Bridge Media
Pagini 372
Format Softcover

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