925 Thrift: The Pocket Guide to Finding Silver - R. E. Gold

de: R. E. Gold


Publicat de: Palmetto Publishing

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Be prepared if SHTF.

Have options when social credit scores are rolled out.

How can you protect your wealth while having fun?

The answer is simple: Learn how to locate and accumulate SILVER at discounted prices.

925 Thrift is your treasure map to zero in on undiscovered SILVER.

- Global and personal debts are spiraling out of control.

- People are finding it challenging just trying to survive and preserve their wealth.

- Uncertainty and fear are gripping nations as fiat money systems fail.

925 Thrift is your beginner's guide to investing in a frequently underrated but peerless commodity: SILVER.

You'll learn:

- What to look for.

- Where to search.

- How to authenticate and preserve.

- Prepare for imminent hardships.

- And so much more . . .

The most wonderful part is, 925 Thrift's clear step-by-step instructions will enable readers to quickly mine the book's pages for valuable nuggets of advice on tracking down, identifying, purchasing, and selling SILVER while perhaps developing an enjoyable hobby or lucrative side hustle in the process.

Are you prepared for hard times ahead?

You'll be grateful for having some SILVER in your pocket because it may just be the difference between life and death as we move through these challenging times. 925 Thrift is your guide to beat the system, stay ahead of the masses, and build a diversified portfolio, all on an average person's budget.


Anul 2023
Autor R. E. Gold
Categoria Silver, Gold & Other Metals
Editura Palmetto Publishing
Pagini 80
Format Softcover

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